Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie - Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies

Centrum voor Teksteditie en Bronnenstudie

Centre for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies

a research centre of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature

<deco />

<deco /> Marks the occurrence of a decoration, ie. a decorative element that has originated within the writing act.
In addition to global attributes:
decoRef refers to a previously defined decoration
Datatype: IDREF
Values: must be one of the decoration identifiers declared in the header (see decoration)
Default: #REQUIRED
entity names the external entity within which the graphic image of the figure is stored.
Datatype: ENTITY
Default: #IMPLIED
<?xml version="1.0"?> 
<!DOCTYPE TEI.2 PUBLIC "//CTB//DTD Dalf 1.0 (based on TEI)//NL"
"DALF.dtd" [
    'ISO DIS 10918//NOTATION JPEG Graphics Format//EN' >
    '-//TEI//NOTATION IETF RFC2083 Portable Network Graphics//EN'>    
<!ENTITY fig1 SYSTEM "fig1.jpeg" NDATA jpeg>
<!ENTITY fig2 SYSTEM "fig2.jpeg" NDATA jpeg>
      <p>Een grote boom stond daar <deco decoRef="fig1" entity="fig1" />...</p>
      <p>Ik stel mij de pagina zo voor: <deco decoRef="fig2" entity="fig2" /></p>
Class Incl
Content This is an empty element.
Parents ab abbr actor add addrLine address addressee altName analytic app arg argument author authority back bibl biblFull biblScope biblStruct bloc body byline calc camera caption castGroup castItem castList cell cit classCode closer collection corr country creation damage date dateLet dateRange dateline del depth dimensions distance distinct distributor div div0 div1 div2 div3 div4 div5 div6 div7 docAuthor docDate docEdition docImprint docTitle edition editor emph envPart epigraph epilogue expan extent figDesc figure foreign front funder fw gloss group head headItem headLabel height hi imprimatur imprint institution item l label language lem lg list listBibl measure meeting mentioned metDecl monogr name note num opener oper orig p performance placeLet placeName principal print prologue ps pubPlace publicationStmt publisher q quote rdg rdgGrp ref reg region rendition repository resp respStmt restore result role roleDesc row rs salute seg series set settlement sic signed soCalled sound sp speaker sponsor stage street supplied symbol table tagUsage tech term text time timeRange title titlePage titlePart trailer unclear view width wit witDetail witList witness xref
Children EMPTY
<!ELEMENT deco %om.RR;
<!ATTLIST deco	
          decoRef IDREF #REQUIRED
          entity ENTITY #IMPLIED>
See further 5.5. Decorative elements: <deco /> and <paraph />

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