• 17 MEI (maandag, 11u.)
    Dr. Matthew Driscoll (Det Arnamagnæanske Institut, University of Copenhagen, DK)

    Arnamagnæan editions in the electronic age


  • 13 NOVEMBER (donderdag, 14u.30)
    Dr. Daniel Ferrer (ITEM - Institut des Textes en Manuscrits Modernes)

    Complex Textual Objects: Writers' Manuscripts and Hypertexts
  • 4 JULI (vrijdag, 14u.)
    Peter Kegel & Bert Van Elsacker (Constantijn Huygens Instituut, NL)
    Vincent Neyt & Dirk Van Hulle (Universiteit Antwerpen-UIA)
    Ron Van den Branden & Edward Vanhoutte (CTB)

    New Technologies, Old Texts
  • 16 MEI (vrijdag, 14u.30.)
    Dr. Melissa Terras (Royal Academy of Engineering, UK)

    They wrote it, but how do we read it? The Vindolanda tablets and advanced computing techniques.
  • 2 MEI (vrijdag, 10u.30.)
    Prof. dr. Martha Nell-Smith (Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, USA)

    Dickinson, a User's Guide.


  • 6 SEPTEMBER (vrijdag, 14u.)
    Joke Debusschere, Vincent Neyt & Edward Vanhoutte (CTB & Universiteit Antwerpen-UIA)

    The Transcription of Modern Manuscript texts for Electronic Editions.
  • 19 JULI (vrijdag, 14u.)
    Dan O'Donnell (U. of Lethbridge, Canada)
    ′If a tree falls in the forest...′: Coding problems, solutions, and embarrassments in a small TEI project.